Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Control ????

...... "Give Me Controll Of The Textbooks and I will Control The State."

-- Adolph Hitler

When I read this quote, I stopped and thought, "Who is in control of our childrens textbooks?"
Is it the parents,?--- The School board,?--- The State,?--- Or is it some group of radicals that is trying to undermine everything this country has stood for in the last 200 plus years?
Why are the laws now set to allow other religeous beliefs to be taught in our schools, but the Bible that is used by Christians, is not allowed, and in some cases not even allowed in the school buildings.
Seems to me something is terribly out of balance here........ Who is controlling the textbooks?

Another question from
The Old Timer

Friday, February 29, 2008

Help Me Understand

I recently heard it said that "We need to give all our children a chance to have a good education.".... Since when, in the past 69 years that I know of, have our children not had the chance to receive a good education?
The problem seems to be that our children are not getting the encouragement from home that they need to have. I don't see how more government allocations will be a cure for this problem. Maybe someone else can explain this to me.
I know all the needs for more room and more schools, but for the child that really wants an education, the opportunity is there.

Old Timer
Just trying to understand

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I wonder

I understand that political candidates have to appeal to the public when seeking office. The mystery to me is, why doesn't anybody stop to ask question, HOW? How can we expect to get out from under a deficit, (in the case of our presidential candidates,) when there is no money. New schools sounds good. Low taxes sound good. Insurance for the elder and children sounds good. Does anybody besides me wonder how these things can come about?
It seems to me that before a lot of the things that are promised can happen, there are going to have to be some tough choices, not only by the American people, but also our representatives in high places. This is the same senerio with federal, state, and local levels.
It seems that every time we pick up a news paper or turn on our TV, the governor or president, or someone is promising to allocate funds for one thing or another.
I only wish I could have operated my household like this for the last 50 years. The real picture is, the american public had better start thinking about things they can do without.
Our country has been in the red for 31 of the last 35 years and I can't see getting back in the black any time soon. Sorry for the gloomy picture. ................. The Old Timer